Does NordVPN Work with Netflix?

If you are using VPN to access American Netflix to watch complete list of movies and TV shows and you are getting proxy error, then you are not the only one. Most of users who are using proxy and VPN to bypass their real identity are getting this massage. The Netflix proxy error was first appeared in early 2017 when Netflix has announced their services all around the world but due to very limited number of movies and TV shows, many people still need to change their IP address to American IP address to watch movies on Netflix. To restricted VPN traffic on their server, Netflix has finally put the proxy message which does not allow to watch American Netflix (or any other Netflix other than your country).

Till now, most of VPN companies has been banned by Netflix, which means that you will not able to get access of Netflix of other countries even if you are using VPN to change your IP address because the proxy message will force you to turn off VPN and also suggest you to limit yourself to only your country’s Netflix services. I know, this sound very frustrated and person like me who is now become addict to Netflix movies and TV show can’t live without this. But this ban by Netflix, did not work on me because I am using the reliable VPN company to access Netlfix. I am using NordVPN.

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Why Netflix banned VPN and show proxy error?

There are several reasons behind it as per their official statement. They said that, the movies and TV shows available on their website has copyright issues due to which they cannot provide the complete list of movies and TV shows to non-USA users. They already providing similar list of content to their Canada, UK and Australia users but still, some companies do not allow them to give full access to even these countries which has most movies and TV shows after US.

Although, they have launched Netflix in each country to stop people using VPN but this does not worked well because people want to have the full access of Netflix, that’s why people using VPN which makes their server very slow due to which the users in other countries get affected with downloading time.

Yes NordVPN is still working with Netflix:

It is true that most of VPN servers has been blocked by Netflix but there are still many VPN companies whose services can be used on Netflix without getting any proxy error. NordVPN is one of them because Netflix has not blocked it yet while there is no chances of this in future due to advance privacy tool and features of NordVPN which did not let Netflix to judge your original country. Although NordVPN has introduced a special feature for their users called Smartfix which is developed specially for the Netflix. All you need to turn on Smartflix to get complete access of Netflix. This feature allow you to watch movies on Netflix on any of their server with its smart DNS switching technology.

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Why NordVPN still working with Netlfix?

Couple of month ago when Netflix had start banning proxies and VPN services, they also blocked NordVPN. But the company took step to bring the feature back. They introduced the privacy services like Dedicated IP and made their privacy more hard to break due to which Netflix failed to identity that whether the user is using VPN or not. Now Netflix US works fine on most of NordVPN server without any additional customer suppose or installation of application.

Although most of VPN companies which has been blocked on Netflix do not take any step to get access back where NordVPN is keep updating about the issue with their users. If you following their blog, you will see the continuous updates regarding to Netflix US which shows that they are working hard to keep access of Netflix on their VPN servers. Even in case if any VPN server of NordVPN do not allow you to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix, then you can chat with their customer support and they will solve your issue within minutes.

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NordVPN working on more alternatives:

While their most of VPN servers working fine on Netflix US, but for future, the company is looking for more alternatives to keep their services alive for those users who only buy their VPN servicers to get access of Netflix US. According to latest news by the company, they are already working on more alternative solutions and will update about them through their website as soon as more alternatives will be available. As per their official statements, they want to ensure to their customers that Netflix will not be disconnected in future on their VPN servers. In case, if this happened then they are already prepared for the more alternatives to provide their users entertainment which they are getting from Netflix.

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Is NordVPN good choice for Netflix?

Without second thought, yes, NordVPN is a good choice to get complete access of Netflix. It is not just because their VPN services are still working with Netflix but there are other many reasons behind this in which price is the first one which I want to discuss with you.

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Monthly Price: The monthly package of NordVPN starts from $11.95 per month but you can save 52% if you purchase their yearly plan which reduce monthly subscription fee to $5.75 per month. If you complete this price with other VPN which are still working with Netflix, then you will found it the most cheap.

Downloading Speed: NordVPN is among those few VPN companies who are still supporting torrent download and P2P is also allowed. To maintain their standards, they are providing ultra fast internet speed which will benefits you if you want to use VPN to watch movies on Netflix.

No Log Policy: Currently, the company is offering no log policy which means that they care about your online privacy and do not share any data recording to your online activities including your original identity which you share on their website at the time of registration.

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