Does PureVPN still working with Netflix 2018?

PureVPN is a well known VPN services provider. In very short time, PureVPN made its name in top ranking VPN of the world due to its amazing services like 7 days money back guarantee, 500+ servers in 140 countries, low prices, allow P2P optimized servers, multi device compatibility, zero log policy and much more. But unfortunately the people who have purchased PureVPN to watch their favorite TV shows and latest movies in Netflix are facing Netflix proxy error.

The reason behind Netflix proxy error on PureVPN is the ban which has been set by Netflix on number of VPN companies and web proxy providers. PureVPN is not the only VPN company who got effected by this banned by Netflix but from now, you will not able to watch movies and TV shows any further on Netflix if you were using PureVPN to change your IP address to America.

Why Netflix is not working on PureVPN?

Early in the beginning of this year, Netflix has already announced that they will bring their services worldwide and they actually did this. People who are fan of watching TV shows and movies were happy with the new decision of Netflix to bring their services to the people of other countries as well but it was a big disappointment when they actually launched their services in more than one hundred countries. Because, they did not allow the users of other countries to watch the same movies and TV shows what Netflix users in America are allowed to. The movie list and TV shows list is very limited on Netflix if you compare it with American version. Even in countries like Canada, UK and Australia, if you compare Netflix of these companies with American Netflix, you will see a big number of differences in movies titles and TV shows.

With the launch of Netflix services in other countries, they have already announced that they will soon banned the VPN companies to access their website in other countries but they did not banned proxy and VPN companies until they did not see any decrease in the usage of VPN to access Netflix America.

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But now they had completely banned many companies including PureVPN on their server. So, if you were using PureVPN to access Netflix to watch TV shows and movies, then let me just confirmed you that it is not possible any more. If you try to use PureVPN on Netflix, you will probably get a proxy message which will forced you to stop using VPN on Netflix and switch to your country’s version of the website.

There is no solution to bypass the PureVPN proxy error on Netflix until you moved to a better alternative which still allow you to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix. Even PureVPN did not made any announcement that how long it takes them to make it possible for their users to use their VPN servers on Netflix. So, moving to other alternative would be a better choice than waiting for an update from PureVPN.

So, the answer for your question does PureVPN still working with Netflix is no. But this does not mean that you were not able to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix. This is still possible by changing your IP address to American IP address. It is true that Netflix has already banned many web proxy and VPN but still, there are many of VPN companies which are still working fine with Netflix. This means that you can still watch what you want to by changing your IP address to USA IP address on Netflix.

Best alternative of PureVPN for Netflix:

expressvpn netflix error

While there are many alternative of PureVPN available to unblock Netflix but my personal favorite alternative for PureVPN is ExpressVPN because it provides better features than what you were getting on PureVPN. Where, ExpressVPN is not banned on Netflix and allow their users to watch movies and TV shows unlimited through their VPN servers which are located in hundreds of location in more than 90 countries.


Like PureVPN, ExpressVPN comes with features like zero data log policy, unlimited bandwidth and internet usage, option to use single VPN account on multiple devices at a time and P2P file sharing networks are allow. Although, ExpressVPN allow you to download torrent with unlimited bandwidth (no restriction) which is not available on PureVPN. ExpressVPN has much cheaper than PureVPN in term of monthly and yearly membership prices.

How to unblock Netflix with ExpressVPN

Read Why  ExpressVPN Best VPN For Netflix.

Downloading speed is one of the most important thing which you should consider when you are looking for an alternative of PureVPN to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix because a bad quality VPN connection will ruined your experience to watch movies online due to slow internet speed. ExpressVPN Is known for their high quality extra fast downloading speed. So, moving to ExpressVPN for Netflix would be a great choice.


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