Hidemyass Netflix Proxy Error Fix With Alternative VPN

Netflix is one of the best thing happened in the history of internet because it made it very easy to watch movies and specially TV shows at once without waiting for whole week for next episode. If you are living in USA then you have the full access of Netflix movies and TV shows but if you are living in any other country, then you have to wait for months to get the new movies and TV shows where the number of TV shows and movies offered in other countries by Netflix is very low. Netflix did this to control their online data. Due to lack of their online data storage they did not allow their users in other countries to get full access of their movies and TV shows which are available to their American customers. Netflix UK, Canada and Australia has better list than other countries but still, you have to wait for weeks to get a TV show or movie in your Netflix even if you are living in these countries.

hidemyass for netflix

By using web proxy and other related services like virtual private networks (VPN) you can change your IP address to America and get full access of Netflix movies and TV shows. Because VPN and proxy change your computer’s identity or the identity of your digital device on which you likes to watch Netflix shows. Many users all around the world was using this trick to get access of Netflix America. But unfortunately, on recent updates by Netflix, they did not allow any more to use proxy or VPN on their website due to which many users are already receiving the Netflix proxy error.

HideMyAss is one of the popular VPN service provider. Without any doubt, they are best because of low monthly subscription fee and internet speed. But unfortunately, their VPN servers are not working with Netflix anymore because Netflix has restricted their proxy on their servers. HideMyAss is not the only VPN company which got effected by the new updated of Netflix due to which the users are facing proxy error, majority of proxy and VPN companies got effected by this update.

Alternative of Hidemyass for Netflix:

So, what is the solution to watch TV shows and movies on Netflix if you are facing proxy error on Netflix and what is the best alternative of Hidemyass as it is not working any more with Netflix.

There are very limited alternatives of Hidemyass is available at the moment to watch Netflix. As we mentioned earlier that the company has banned major VPN companies on their server due to which people are facing proxy error while trying to access Netflix with the help of VPN and proxy. But still, there are some VPN companies which are still working smoothly on Netflix. ExpressVPN is one of them, whose users did not face any issue till now while using their VPN servers on Netflix.

If you are active in VPN community of social media platforms, then you would already knows that the majority of Hidemyass users are switched to ExpressVPN because ExpressVPN is still working with Netflix while there are many other reasons which makes ExpressVPN, the best alternative of HidemyAss.

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Why ExpressVPN is best alternative of Hidemyass for Netflix?

expressvpn netflix error

If you compare the privacy policy of Hidemyass with ExpressVPN, you will found that ExpressVPN is offering much flexible privacy policy than Hidemyass by not recording the logs of their users where on other hand Hidemyass has been in news many time for breaching the privacy of their users where their privacy policy is not much clear and new users can be get confused easily. Although, to enjoy the Netflix TV shows and movies, you need to have access of a fast internet connection which Hidemyass cannot offered you. Indeed, there are some of their servers which has excellent internet speed but due to over traffic by other users, you have to sacrificed with internet speed all the time where on other hand with ExpressVPN, there is no such issue exist because ExpressVPN is mean to provide fast internet downloading speed, that’s why they also allow their users to download torrents and use P2P file sharing networks without any restrictions. Don’t Forget read ExpressVPN netflix no netflix proxy error after now.

Other than internet speed and privacy policy, I would suggest you to use ExpressVPN due to their other high quality features which are not available on Hidemyass which includes unlimited switch option to multiple servers, options to use same account on three devices at a time, unlimited bandwidth, internet speed and 100% uptime etc.


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