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Internet has introduce lot of new positive changes in our life. It’s allow people to use their freedom of speech in much better way, changed the way of getting entertained and allow us to get more and better information on time. But due to political agenda’s of different countries, there are many policies has been issued which make some content censored in different countries. Although some companies also offer their services to limited countries like Netflix etc.

Unlike any other country, America is still known as a country which comes up with most powerful internet with least censorship where every company who offer their services online prefer to target American market in term to get customers and clients, which means that the products which comes to other countries later has been published for American audience first.

People look for solutions to get American IP address, so that they can also enjoy what American users are enjoying like watching latest movies and TV shows on Netflix, surfing any kind of website without worrying about censorship and much more etc.

Why you need to get an American IP address?

As compare to any other country, there is most freedom in America to surf internet. Yes, this is true that there are some states in USA which does not allow you to download torrent or authorities keep eye on your activities but still, if you compare internet censorship with any other country, then you will found American internet most flexible. This is why people living in other countries prefer to get American IP address. The other reasons which includes to get American IP address is:

  • You will get install access of online services which are only available in America
  • If you are American and travelling to other country, then you can enjoy same services any where
  • You can surf to your online bank and other secure account easily with American IP address
  • You can unblock all the website which are blocked in your country with American IP address
  • Getting American IP address allow you to watch American TV networks from outside the US
  • You can secure your personal information online with US IP address because its bank deep inspection
  • US based IP address has better downloading and uploading speed as compare to other IP addresses.

There are some popular reasons which makes people to use American IP address. You may have the different one but somehow it would be lay in one of these category.

Different ways to get American IP address:

There are several ways through which this could be possible to get an American IP address. But not all of them are secure and you need to sacrifice with internet speed if you have chosen the wrong way to change your IP address. While there are several ways to change IP address but currently in internet market, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Proxy and Hotspot are the most popular due to their features. Following I am writing brief introduction of these three different ways of changing your IP address to American IP address. This will help you to choose best among three on the bases of your need and your internet usage requirements.

1. Get American IP address through VPN:

VPN is the most popular and most secure way to get American IP address because it does not required you to do extra effort like shutting down your computer’s firewall and installing external software etc. Although by using VPN to get American IP address, you don’t need to sacrifice with your internet speed because the internet download and uploading speed is almost same as you are using internet without a VPN connection.

There are two different ways to get VPN, one is free VPN where the other one is premium VPN. The free VPN connection comes up with limited features. For example, you have very limited option to change your IP address to USA states where internet speed is being shared with other users as well. On other hand, the premium VPN services comes up with high quality features like you get option to change your IP address to hundreds of American IP addresses available where you also got chances to change your IP address to other countries of your choice. Although the premium VPN services comes up with high quality internet speed, option to use internet unlimited on multiple devices at a time without sacrificing the internet speed due to multiple usage of same VPN account on different devices. Other than these features which will help you to enhance your online experience, the VPN servers also allow you to download torrent files without getting caught by government or mobile network provider. This could be done by changing your IP address to any other country where downloading torrent is allowed.

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2. Get American IP address through Proxy:

Like VPN, online proxy also help you to change your IP address to American IP address but the major difference between VPN and proxy is the shared internet connection. Yes, on one single server of proxy, there are number of multiple users are connected due to which, your internet speed (specifically downloading speed) get effected. Like VPN, proxy comes up with two options, free proxy and premium proxy to change your IP address to American IP address but proxy does not comes up with great features like VPN offers you. Even on premium proxy account, your internet is being share with other users due to which your internet speed has been decreased where there is no proper privacy policy regarding to usage of proxy has been defined by any company yet. Although, online proxies which is users to hide IP address are limited to the web browsing activities. If you want to download a torrent file, then you need to add or use an additional proxy for this purpose. Read more about VPN VS Proxy.

For a user, you who has very limited online activities and want to change his/her IP address to American IP address, proxy is good choice for him/her but if you are looking for long term solution which allow you to surf internet including download torrent and share your personal information online then proxy is not a suitable choice to change IP address to American IP address.

3. Get American IP address through Hotspot:

Hotspot is another popular way through which many people change their IP address to USA based server. I have not tries their premium package and services but their free services comes up with so many limitation and number of unwanted ads which opened automatically while you are suffering different website. Hotspot’s free version has very limited option to change your IP address to American IP address where your internet speed will be reduced to up to 50%. Like Proxy, Hotspot could be a great solution to change IP address if you are looking for short term solution or don’t want to surf website where you have required to put your personal information or login details. But it could not be the long term solution at all.

What is the best way to get American IP address?

I have explained about three most popular ways to get American IP address. As you can see the on the bases on features and downloading speed, VPN is best among three of them. Because it comes up with unlimited internet usage option, high quality downloading speed and with most features to enjoy including option to download torrent files and visit P2P file sharing networks.

Like different options to get American IP address, there are many options comes when you select a VPN company to get American IP address. Each company may be similar in term of basic services but all of them offer something little different which makes them unique from other. For example, some VPN companies allow you to download torrent files where some don’t, some companies come up with the option of hundreds of VPN servers and IP address options where some companies comes up with limited number of IP addresses etc.

Now there is a question that which VPN company should be choose to get American IP address? Well, going with a company who offer most features, options and specification would be a great choice. But there are very limited companies who offers most features and have high quality internet speed at a time. ExpressVPN is one of them which is a leading VPN company and a solution to change your IP address and get American IP address. Unlike other VPN companies, ExpressVPN has hundreds of servers located in 89+ countries where you will not feel any change in internet downloading when you switch to your regulation internet connection to ExpressVPN connection because their all servers provides superb internet downloading speed and 100% uptime 24 hours. ExpressVPN works smoothly with websites like Netflix where it has no log policy due to which you don’t need to be worried about your online policy and online activities at all.

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