What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is one of the most popular programs that is often and widely used today. It is intended for files sharing (download and upload) among users in peer-to-peer networks. The BitTorrent program is a protocol P2P networks client of the same name – BitTorrent, which appeared in 2001. Now it is used by a great number of users, and it’s not surprising, since the BitTorrent program is so easy and convenient to use, that it is available even if you have never used similar software.

Naturally, the BitTorrent program is so popular that a great number of its prototypes appear, considering the fact, that it’s very easy and fast to perform BitTorrent download. Among such prototypes there’re the following: MusicFrost – the unique software allowing its users to listen to the music online or download it on your computer; as well as uTorrent, eMule etc.

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The history of BitTorrent advent has been developing very fast – the period from the moment when in 2001 Bram Cohen created the BitTorrent protocol and when the BitTorrent program appeared lasted only few months. The first version of the program saw the light in the same year. Its popularity immediately started to grow – a lot of users appreciated all its features, found numerous benefits from using BitTorrent. If you want to be convinced in it, all you need is to download BitTorrent – and you’ll be able to download the wanted data. Moreover, the BitTorrent software is absolutely free, so you can confidently BitTorrent free download, and you don’t have to pay for this.

The program is constantly developing. New BitTorrent versions are released regularly. Each new version is better than the previous one – minor errors are fixed, the interface is improved, new features appear. This proves the fact that the experienced specialists always use new technologies and implement them in each new version of the BitTorrent program in order to provide maximal efficiency of its operation and meet the requirements of each user. Furthermore, it’s very simple to find BitTorrent sites, containing numerous files available for download to any user, who downloaded BitTorrent and installed it on the computer.

The BitTorrent program doesn’t contain any malicious software and codes, and it also has implemented system of protection from similar types of programs. It also supports protocol encryption providing the best protection of its work.

The program is one of a kind – it belongs to the so-called cross-platform software. That means, the BitTorrent program can operate on different hardware platforms at the same time and simultaneously in different operating systems, so there’s no need in free BitTorrent download for different OS. The BitTorrent program works either in Windows operating systems environment, or in Linux; there’re also versions for Mac OS.

Moreover, the program interface supports a lot of languages, so that any user could select the necessary language.

The BitTorrent Inc. Company makes all possible efforts so that each user would never doubt his choice. The specialists constantly improve the product and are always willing to solve any problems dealing with the BitTorrent use. The features are not limited by the program functional capacity – today there are a great number of BitTorrent applications, BitTorrent Apps, allowing to extend the range of the program features.

Although to make it secure for the users, BitTorrent also provides number of options to do this. You can protect your identity by using proxy services or VPN services. The software has option for both. In their option section, you can set your own private virtual network options to keep yourself anonymous from the list of trackers.

Many people use to choose VPN when they are using BitTorrent because they do not want to get hacked. (is Bittorrent safe). When you seed a file, the software shows your IP address. Now, this IP address can be used for the hacking purpose or tracing your activities by the hackers. If you are on private torrent network where only your identified people are connected then you may trust on them but using BitTorrent on public trackers does not really make any sense because you can be get hacked easily. So, it is a wise idea to use VPN when you are downloading torrents or seeding them. VPN will guaranteed you that you won’t get hacked or no one will access of your device like PC or mobile phone without your permission.

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The BitTorrent program is surely to have numerous Awards; this confidently proves that the BitTorrent client is one of the best in its sphere. The program has been appreciates not only by ordinary users, but also by specialists in similar software development, who thoroughly test each new version of the program and compare all the changes.

BitTorrent will be undoubtedly very useful to each user, who wants to download data using BitTorrent search engine. BitTorrent use opens more opportunities to get BitTorrent movies, as well as many other files you need, besides the process is really fast and doesn’t require much resources. Save your time when BitTorrent movie download, as well as get all the necessary information simple and easy!

Overall, this free software provides numerous benefits their users. For example, you can download unlimited movies, music, games, ebooks, software and application etc. But this free software also comes up with some draw back and sharing your IP address with other users is the most scared one. But by using VPN over BitTorrent while you are downloading or seeding a torrent can protect you. By turning on VPN on BitTorrent, you actually provides a fake identity of yours.(Visit our home page to see best vpn for torrenting list vpntorrents.com)

Although, in many countries, downloading and uploading torrent is illegal (if the torrent is shared without the permission owner). For such type of torrents (which are in majority) it is highly recommended to VPN services. In past we have seen many cases where companies has charged fines for stealing or sharing their content through torrent networks. They track the person through their IP address. But once you switch on to VPN services while uploading or downloading torrent, you automatically makes your online identity anonymous.

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